亨利·辛波(Henry Simpole)

Henry 设计并制造了以下 Conway Stewart 钢笔:

1、The Conway Stewart Centenary 钢笔——限量版 100 支纯银和 100 支朱红色

2,Conway Stewart 'Henry Simpole' 钢笔 - 限量版 100 支纯银、50 支朱红色和 10 支 18ct 金

3、The Conway Stewart Exhibition 'Giant' Pen- 限量版 50 支纯银和 50 支朱红色和 25 支 18ct 金

4、The Conway Stewart Chatsworth - 限量版 100 件纯银和 50 件朱红色和 25 件 18ct 黄金

5、The Conway Stewart Marilyn Monroe 钢笔 - 90 纯银限量版

我们现在能够提供数量非常有限的 Conway Stewart 钢笔,由 Henry 生产,并从他的庄园购买。所有都是原件和编号。亨利在每个版本中都保留了一些钢笔供他自己收藏和出售。




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b. July 1952 – d. June 2020

Henry Simpole

Henry was one of the most famous and admired British designers of overlay pens. As a silversmith he had a global reputation and in 2004 he started his association with Conway Stewart by designing the Centenary Pen. The design cleverly incorporated the “C” and “S” of Conway Stewart and their founding year “1905” but you have to look closely to see them. This became one of Henry’s trademarks, hidden letters and numbers in complicated and beautiful filigree work. Henry went on to design and make many more pens for Conway Stewart which were sold around the world. His overlay and are now prized by pen collectors.

Henry Simpole

1951-2020 - Master Pensmith