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Conway Stewart Marilyn Monroe Overlay | Fountain Pen | Conway Stewart

Conway Stewart Marilyn Monroe Overlay

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Conway Stewart Marilyn Monroe Overlay

£ 990.00

Conway Stewart Marilyn Monroe Overlay in sterling silver – by Henry Simpole

British silversmith Henry Simpole captured the spirit of Marilyn in this magnificent Conway Stewart Marilyn Monroe Overlay pen. One of her most famous images has been carefully transposed on to silver and pierced through so the black acrylic barrel shows through to reveal an instantly recognisable portrait. Henry even included the famous beauty spot on her left cheek.  The sterling silver cap has the inscribed words ‘Boo Boo Be Doo!’, the refrain from one of her most famous songs ‘I Wanna be Loved By You’ which she sang in the film ‘Some Like it Hot.’


When this Series was first launched in 2016, 25 of the limited edition of 90 pens were kept by Henry. Following Henry's death in June 2020, his estate contacted Conway Stewart to see if we would be interested in purchasing the components - it turns out Henry never finished assembling them. So if you ever wanted one of Henry's beautiful overlay pens, then you have another chance to own one, but be quick to order as 25 pens will soon go. All pens are numbered 

Marilyn Monroe

Born Norma Jean Mortensen on June 1 1926, her precocious beauty led her to a modelling career at 15 followed by a prolific career (more than 30 films) in the movies as Marilyn Monroe. Her public persona was THE sexy film star of the ’40s and ’50s – a superstar whose off-screen romances with high profile celebrities such as baseball star Joe DiMaggio, President Kennedy and author Arthur Miller gave the press and the public plenty of reason to scrutinise her every move. Yet behind the glitz and glamour of Hollywood stardom she was fragile and vulnerable; misunderstood and mistreated. Her death in suspicious circumstances in 1962 aged 36 engendered endless conspiracy theories, yet in the decades since 1962 she has remained a much-loved star.

A nostalgic tribute to a true Hollywood star

If you are looking for a pen steeped in nostalgia; a limited edition tribute to a true Hollywood star which combines consummate design skills with meticulous craftsmanship by a hugely talented British silversmith, the Conway Stewart Marilyn Monroe Overlay Pen is surely it… True pen perfection!

Available as a Fountain Pen
With a choice of Extra Fine, Fine, Medium or Broad 2-tone 18ct gold Conway Stewart nibs. Each pen is housed in a Conway Stewart black leather presentation box which also serves as a showcase pen stand for your desk.

You may select one of our Conway Stewart 18ct gold nibs to be fitted to your fountain pen. They have been acclaimed by many of our customers for their ‘smooth-as-butter’ writing experience and are available in Extra Fine, Fine, Medium or Broad widths. Each nib is embossed with the Conway Stewart logo.

The nature of the work involved in making the Sterling Silver overlay using the 6000 year-old ‘lost-wax’ process means that Conway Stewart Marilyn Monroe Overlay can never be mass produced.

Each Conway Stewart Marilyn Monroe Overlay is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity, together with an 8-page booklet about his life and the ancient Egyptian techniques used to create each overlay, a cleaning cloth to keep your pen in pristine condition and a Conway Stewart User Guide.

Length Closed: 161mm

Length of Barrel incl nib: 140mm

Length of Cap: 75mm

Diameter of Barrel: 15mm

Diameter of Cap: 15.5mm

Weight: 56gms

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We can expedite orders if they are needed for a specific date.

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