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Every pen shown on this website has been made in England using traditional techniques, combining timeless designs with British craftsmanship and only the highest quality materials. ​ Our commitment to quality and tradition stems from our team’s experience over many years working with some of the most prestigious names in British pen manufacturing – names that are recognised worldwide as the epitome of English craftsmanship: Conway Stewart, Henry Simpole and Jack Row – and associated with creating bespoke pens for some of the world’s most exclusive brands including Rolls Royce, Asprey and University of Cambridge.

Conway Stewart is a British brand which has a long tradition of manufacturing great fountain pens. Founded in 1905 it has had many illustrious patrons such as Sir Winston Churchill, US Presidents and royal patronage over the years.
We have recently added our own brand, The Stratford Pen Company, to the list of pen manufacturers available from the BBP website. The first Stratford Pen issue is the Shakespeare range. You’ll find full details here. It is our intention to develop ranges of high quality British fountain pens under the Stratford Pen banner – pens which will have all the hallmarks of the heritage British brands with which we have been associated, but with distinctive elements that will help them to be forever identified as ‘A Stratford Pen – Made in England’.

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