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Doctor's Pen

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Doctor's Pen


The Doctor's Pen featuring the Rod of Asclepius
This is the NEW version of the Conway Stewart Doctor’s Pen engraved with different engine turning pattern called "Waves".  The first Limited Edition Doctor's Pen sold out in early 2022, so this new model has been designed for those in the medical profession who keep asking us for another Doctor's Pen!

This version has all the same special features; the cap and barrel are made in Sterling Silver and have been engraved using a genuine engine-turning machine  that is almost 100 years old - but still in perfect working condition.

The new 'Waves' pattern really does make this a majestic pen that sparkles as the pen is turned in light. Each pen is stamped by the Birmingham Assay office with full English hallmarks on the barrel to confirm the purity of the silver.  

The pen’s clip represents the Rod of Asclepius – a symbol which features a serpent entwined around a staff and takes its name from the god Asclepius, a deity associated with healing and medicinal arts in Greek mythology. It has been associated with the medical profession for thousands of years.

On the end of the cap is an engraved title "The Doctor’s Pen – Made in England" that confirms its British origins.

The antibacterial properties of Silver

Scientists have long known that the silver is a potent antibacterial agent. Silver ions perform work  by penetrating bacterial membranes and then binding to essential cell components, thus preventing the spread of bacteria. Silver is commonly used in bandages for wounds and on coatings on door handles to cut down the transmission of germs. So when designing the Doctor's Pen it made sense to make it from Sterling Silver which is 92.5% silver.

Writing with a Doctor’s Pen
Although doctors are generally not renowned for their handwriting, we are confident every handwriting style will be improved with this pen! The 18ct gold nib creates a smooth flow of ink and is a real pleasure to use. It is perfectly balanced in the hand and designed to give you many hours of writing pleasure.

Available as a fountain pen or rollerball (or both!)
The Doctor's Pen is available as a Fountain Pen with a choice of Extra Fine, Fine, Medium or Broad 2-tone 18ct gold CS nibs, or a Rollerball with a choice of blue or black ink. A rollerball is like a biro/ballpoint but has the free-flowing ink qualities of a fountain pen. Beautiful to write with, yet has the convenience of a ball-point. Or why not order a distinctive matching pair – a fountain pen and a rollerball?

Or alternatively purchase a conversion kit to turn your Doctor's Fountain Pen into a Rollerball – and vice versa – quickly and easily. 

In addition to selecting the nib width; you may further customise your nib to match your writing style, choosing from:

  • Italic
  • Left Oblique
  • Right Oblique
  • Stub

Our nib wright who is one of the UK’s most experienced will undertake the work to your exact specification

Find out more about our customised nibs in FAQ

You may select one of our Conway Stewart 2-tone 18ct gold nibs to be fitted to your fountain pen. They have been acclaimed by many of our customers for their ‘smooth-as-butter’ writing experience and are available in Extra Fine, Fine, Medium or Broad widths.

This pen has a dual filling system. It is fitted with a converter (reservoir) which allows the user to draw ink from a bottle or alternatively, you may remove the converter and use standard European ink cartridges. All our fountain pens come with 2 complimentary cartridges so you can start to use it immediately. If you prefer to use bottled ink, we recommend our own range of high quality ink, made in England and available in a range of colours. 
Explore our Writing Accessories

If you like the idea of having a choice of rollerball one day and fountain pen the next, then you’ll love this ingenious Conversion Kit that we have developed. It comes with full instructions and is a very simple process and gives you total flexibility. 
Learn more about Rollerball Conversion Kit

The Doctor's Pen comes in an amazing display box which holds the pen in a frame as if suspended in mid-air. Also included is a Certificate of Authenticity showing the issue number of your pen, a cleaning cloth to keep your pen in pristine condition, two ink cartridges, a converter and an 8-page booklet.

Length Closed: 145mm

Length Posted: 176mm

Length of Barrel incl nib: 126mm

Length of Cap: 70mm

Diameter of Barrel: 13mm

Diameter of Cap: 16mm

Weight: 48gms


Delivery, Taxes & Customs

Pens are handmade to order, so please allow up to 28 days for delivery.

We can expedite orders if they are needed for a specific date.