About us

Managing Director

Alastair Adams

Alastair was Managing Director of Onoto pens from 2007 until 2014 before joining Conway Stewart. He deals with all our Bespoke commissions and has worked with such famous clients like Rolls Royce, Ashmolean Museum, Churchill family, and various film producers – Kingsman; The Secret Service being one of the best known. He has a keen design eye, and loves making new pens with innovative features. All sales enquiries are directed to Alastair, and he is always keen to help however large or sale the potential order.

Workshop Director

Peter Robinson

Peter has been involved in the sub-contract manufacturing of Fine Writing Instruments for many years and was influential in the design and manufacture of the Parker Duofold range of modern classics. He brings many years of experience to Bespoke British Pens in manufacturing for such prestigious brands as Parker, Onoto and Montegrappa.

Marketing Director

Ed Adams

Ed runs the digital show including ecommerce management and online marketing. His passion for luxury goods combined with high quality service is ingrained into the values of Conway Stewart.

Conway Stewart Workshop

Unit 11C, Wren Centre, Westbourne Rd

Emsworth, PO10 7SU

United Kingdom

M - F 9am - 5pm