Rollerball Conversion Kit
Rollerball Conversion Kit

Rollerball Conversion Kit

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Rollerball Conversion Kit


Convert your Coronation Pen, Doctor’s Pen, Accountant’s Pen, Jane Austen Pen  or Shakespeare Fountain Pen to a Rollerball, quickly and easily

If you like the idea of having a choice of fountain pen one day and rollerball the next, then you’ll love this ingenious Rollerball Conversion Kit that we have developed for the Sterling Silver range which includes the Coronation Pen, Doctor’s Pen, Accountant’s Pen, Jane Austen Pen, and the Shakespeare pen. 

It comes with full instructions but it is a very simple process and gives you total flexibility.

The Rollerball Conversion Kit comprises everything you need to switch from fountain pen to rollerball in minutes:

  • A replacement ‘front-end’ rollerball section  – just unscrew the fountain pen nib holder and this rollerball front-end simply screws into the barrel.
  • A spring – just drop it into the barrel before inserting the rollerball refill.
  • A high quality rollerball refill in either blue or black ink, Medium or Fine  – insert into the barrel on top of the spring, and screw the rollerball front-end onto the barrel and away you go!

And when you want to revert to using your pen as a fountain pen, just reverse the process. It’s quick and easy and gives you great versatility.


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