Conway Stewart vs. the competition

Conway Stewart vs. the competition

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What makes a Conway Stewart so special? We're here to tell you. 

How does Conway Stewart compare to German or Japanese writing instruments? It’s a question we’re regularly asked by customers, and we’re all too happy to oblige in giving you an answer. But first, why use a luxury pen in the first place? Perhaps it’s best to think of it like a car journey: you can drive a run-down rusty car or you can drive a sleek, elegant vehicle with swish leather interiors  – either way you will arrive at the same destination, but one is significantly smoother than the other. Should you choose the latter option your decisions don’t stop there – just like a car you now have to pick which model. 

Similar to car manufacturers, notable pen manufactures are often based in countries who are renowned for their engineering and craftsmanship: Germany for both Mont Blanc and Pelikan and Japan for Sailor, for example. At Conway Stewart, we believe our writing instruments have the perfect mix of heritage, craftsmanship and quality that will make your writing journey one to remember. But don’t take our word for it, read the reviews!

Classic Conway Design with Buttery Smooth nibs

Before you even hold a Conway Stewart pen, a myriad of decisions have been made over how each model looks and feels. Those choices are the culmination of over a hundred years of craftsmanship and quality design since Conway Stewart was founded in 1905. Regardless of whether you’ve chosen a classic fountain pen such as the Conway Stewart Series 100, or adapted the Churchill to a rollerball or ballpoint, you are going to feel the comforting weightiness of a Conway Stewart pen in your hand. 

Each fountain pen maker has their own way of differentiating themselves, oftentimes these differences can fall down country lines. Japanese fountain pens are known for having incredibly fine nibs, compared to their western counterparts, that write without being scratchy, and have less “springiness” to them. Italian pens are flamboyant by design that can verge on tastelessness. While boasting similarly conservative designs as the Japanese, German fountain pens are typically reliable and robust, with the occasional aesthetic flourish.

At Conway Stewart our British fountain pen design philosophy relies on using quality material 
to create a balanced writing instrument that is pleasure to use every time you pick it up. We use solid sterling silver, and solid 9ct gold for the nib / barrel / cap rings and all wide rings are hall-marked to show their purity by one of the English Assay Offices. The acrylic, resins and ebonite materials used to make the barrels and caps are always of the highest qualities, and many colours like the Classic Green, and the Classic Brown are iconic to Conway Stewart. Our nibs are 18ct Gold, and we offer non-flex 2-tone nibs, and semi- flex nibs. The line widths are Western in thickness and the table below gives the line widths you should expect. The wetness of the nibs in a scale of 1-10 where 10 is the wettest, our nibs are marked between 5-6. However, we use one of Britain’s foremost nib specialist that can fine tune and grind a nib to your specification for a small extra charge on any pen.

A Story Worth Telling

Perhaps what is one of the defining aspects of a Conway Stewart pen is the story that goes with it. It’s a story that begins in 1905 with Frank Jarvis and Tommy Garner forming Conway Stewart & Co. Limited in the shadows of St. Paul’s Cathedral in London, and continues today under the leadership of Bespoke British Pens. Throughout its history, Conway Stewart pens have found their way into the hands of presidents, prime ministers and royalty – so you know that you’re in good company when you use one. As with most companies of a certain age, there have been peaks and troughs –  but a loyal following with a love for heritage, tradition and quality design has ensured Conway Stewart is renowned around the world. 

Quality and Craft

Every Conway Stewart pen on in our store is made and assembled by hand in England using traditional techniques and only the highest quality materials. We are committed to our craft – it's a pleasure and a privilege to make timeless writing instruments with British craftsmanship, and to be associated with creating bespoke pens for revered brands including Rolls Royce. As such, Conway Stewart pens are proud to be themselves to make a statement in your hand while you are writing. Take for example the Conway Stewart Winston, weighing in at a hefty 54 grams this heavyweight of a pen is grand in its appearance and size, and yet has a reserved elegance that makes it practical for everyday use. 

Whether you want a pen to sign those all-important documents, or to scribble down the beginnings of your novel with a Conway Stewart you’re writing with more than a pen. 


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