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A pen fit for a Kingsman | Conway Stewart Kingsman

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Any spy film worth its salt knows a pen is never just a pen, a fact the Kingsman franchise knows well. So when Conway Stewart was approached to produce a pen that would feature in 2014’s Kingsman: The Secret Service, it was a mission that was impossible to refuse. It was so well received that Conway Stewart was then offered another opportunity to produce pens for the 2017 sequel Kingsman: The Golden Circle. 

The Secret Service

Elegant yet distinguished, the vintage design of the Conway Stewart Winston Classic Black was altered in a number of ways to turn it into the Conway Stewart Kingsman. The Kingsman ‘K’ monogram engraved on the top of the cap makes it instantly unique. The 18ct gold band above the nib holder section boasts the phrase “Oxfords not brogues”, the Kingsman’s iconic secret phrase as well as words to live by. Lastly, the lever fill mechanism which fills the pen with ink has a more lethal use when in the hands of a Kingsman.   

A Starring Role 

In the first film, directed by Matthew Vaugh and starring Colin Firth, Michael Cain and Taron Egdeton, you can catch a glimpse of a number of Conway Stewart Kingsman pens in the armoury hidden in the back of the Kingsman tailors. Harry (Colin Firth) explains to Eggsy (Taron Edgeton) how to use the poison hidden in the pen, activated by the lever fill mechanism, a trick which comes in handy when Eggsy has to kill the traitorous Arthur (Michael Cain) before using the 18ct gold nib for a spot of minor surgery!  

The Golden Circle

For the second film in the franchise, the pens provided were based loosely on the Churchill model and had some subtle changes from the first model, including “Oxford, not brogues” moving to the 9ct gold band on the cap, and a metal inlay of the monogram on the cap. As part of the film’s launch Mr Porter sold a range of Kingsman merchandise including the Conway Stewart Churchill Kingsman at the Kingsman boutique at 5 St. James’s St., London. 

The Silver Screen

Both Kingsman pens proved so popular with fans and collectors that they have now sold out. But hope is not lost for fans who want to pick a pen that’s been on the silver screen. Conway Stewart pens have also featured in a number of other films, including Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade buy now, and the 2017 Churchill biopic Darkest Hour buy now.

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