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"Nelson Series" Spring, 2006

Conway Stewart is proud to introduce the 'Nelson' series, a new line of pens that follows the popularity of the Trafalgar limited edition pen of 2005. The Nelson is a bold and impressive pen, available in six classic colours in both fountain pen and matching ball pen.

With its solid weighty barrel, the Nelson boasts a perfect balance and heft that allows it to be used without posting the cap. Its long and graceful profile gives it a versatile look that is suitable for both formal and casual occasions.

To emphasise the nautical theme of the Nelson, the cap is adorned with three solid 18-carat gold bands - one large and two slim - symbolising Nelson's rank of Vice Admiral at the Battle of Trafalgar. The fountain pen features a substantial 18 carat solid gold band and an elegantly tapered end, while the matching ball pen has a gold-plated tip to complement the solid 18 carat solid gold trim. The fountain pen is piston filled, and the ball pen uses the reliable twist-operated mechanism.

The Nelson comes in six of Conway Stewart's most popular classic colours. The Bracket Brown, with its blend of light and dark red-browns that shine with a slight pearlescent glow, brings a stately and elegant simplicity to the pen. This colour can be paired with a tailored suit jacket or a favourite pair of blue jeans.

Classic Claret, with its deep shades of burgundy marbled with gleaming black, evokes the finest results of the vintner's art. This shimmering dark redcolour is low-key, relying on grace and simple sophistication to make a statement.

Classic Green, with its graceful blend of light and dark green, subtly hints at the depths of the material. The pearlescent light green and darker shades of green marbling accentuate the magnificent blend of colour, making this pen another versatile option suitable for the boardroom or your own desk.

For those who demand to stand out, the Crimson Whirl Nelson is the perfect choice. This standout new colour features a deep blue background that shimmers softly, with sparking accents throughout. Bold lines of vivid crimson loop and swirl through both the cap and barrel, and each piece of this sturdy acrylic material has a unique pattern, ensuring that no two Crimson Whirl Nelson pens are exactly alike.

Finally, the Flecked Autumn is a bold shade that complements the striking lines of the Nelson. This exciting mixture of reddish brown and gleaming iliac is a striking yet understated choice for those who prefer making their fashion statements a bit sotto voce.

The Nelson is a beautiful and versatile series that will make a wonderful addition to any pen collection.

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