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Manuscript #13

4 minute read 📖

This Manuscript's content:

    • The Conway Stewart Dandy range – 4 magnificent colours

    • Security for all

    • Shakespeare Pens creating worldwide interest

    • Conway Stewart Churchill Silver Storm

    • Conway Stewart Wordsworth Bracken

    • Conway Stewart Series 100 Demo

    Welcome to Manuscript #13

    I'm delighted to welcome you to Manuscript 13 - it's designed to keep you up to date with everything that's happening in our world of beautiful British pens.

    Just Dandy

    The beautifully proportioned and very colourful Conway Stewart Dandy
    - all with original Conway Stewart gold nibs.

    Conway Stewart Dandy range 2017

    Making us - and you - more secure

    One of the major issues facing all companies which trade online is keeping everything safe and secure - and we've all read stories of hacking on a global scale. It's your personal data that online thieves are after, so we put online security right at the top of our business agenda. That's why we have just invested heavily in creating a robust website that 'ticks all the boxes' as far as security is concerned - and why you'll now see the little 'lock' icon at the top of all our web pages.

    One of the benefits that you may also notice is that having our own secure server means that the access/page loading speed has improved.

    We have also added a 'Live Chat' function to our website, so if you need any more information you can send a quick message to us and one of the team will get back to you instantly. (Well, almost instantly!)

    Shakespeare Pens

    We are constantly surprised by the continued interest in our Shakespeare pens. After all, they were issued to celebrate the 400th Shakespeare anniversary last year, and we expected interest to dwindle once the anniversary year had ended. Far from it! There is continuing interest from pen enthusiasts all around the world. Like the longevity of his plays and sonnets, it seems there is ongoing love for the Shakespeare Pens, too. Here's a quick reminder: 

    Shakespeare Pen in Vermeil Silver
    Shakespeare Pen in Sterling Silver
    Shakespeare Pen in sterling silver with 18ct gold Flag nib


    Churchill Silver Storm

    The image below can only give you an impression of the subtlety of colour, the light and dark silver shades, the luminescence and the almost mystical qualities of the extraordinary 'Silver Storm' acrylic material.You need to hold it and turn it in your hand to fully appreciate all its qualities.

    Beautifully designed and classically styled, the Churchill is a pen that says as much about its owner as it does about its namesake... One of those design classics that never goes out of style, however fashions might change.

    Conway Stewart Churchill Silver Storm

    Wordsworth Bracken

    The Wordsworth is a timelessly elegant, mid-sized pen with a slight taper to the barrel and a gently rounded top to the cap, reminiscent of the larger and weightier Winston.

    Bracken is a complex acrylic material composed of many shades of rich browns and deep reds with the occasional flake of metallic green. The complexity of the material means no two pens will ever be the same, so if you are looking for a luxury pen that's as individual as you are, the Wordsworth Bracken takes some beating!

    Conway Stewart Wordsworth Bracken

    Series 100 'Demo'

    The Conway Stewart Series 100 Demo is sure to catch the attention and admiration of everyone who sees it. Always popular with pen collectors, the Conway Stewart Series 100 has stood the test of time and is as popular today as it was when it was first introduced in the autumn of 1954.

    The Series 100 'Demo' is a made from an unusual acrylic that is semi-opaque. Rotate it in your hand and in places you'll catch glimpses of the convertor or cartridge inside the barrel. In other places the mottled black, grey, blue and silver in the acrylic give it a mysterious, metallic - almost electric - feel.

    If you enjoy reading 'Manuscript', please forward a copy to your pen friends and colleagues and express your enjoyment by 'liking' us on Social Media.

    For now, Best Wishes

    David Cooper


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