Conway Stewart 胡桃木桌面托盘,带 925 纯银插件

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Conway Stewart 胡桃木桌面托盘,带 925 纯银插件

£ 99.00

Conway Stewart Walnut Desk Tray with Sterling Silver Insert – The perfect accessory for every pen lover!

This superb Conway Stewart Walnut Desk Tray with sterling silver insert will add a touch of style to any pen lover’s desk. Handcrafted in England from walnut, it has space for two pens and two bottles of your favourite ink.

The walnut is a beautiful, rich colour thanks to four coats of oil which brings out the grain. The two indentations for ink bottles are lined with green felt and the underside of the tray is also lined with felt to prevent scratching. A sterling silver hallmarked disc, engraved with the Conway Stewart logo, sits discreetly between the two bottles.

An elegant and beautiful accessory for any pen user. 

Dimensions = 230mm x 150mm x 28mm

To complete the perfect desk accessory, remember to order 2 bottles of British-Made Fountain Pen ink; available in 8 superb colours.

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