Conway Stewart Dandy Carbon Black Engraving

Conway Stewart Dandy Carbon Black Engraving

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The Conway Stewart Dandy typifies the understated elegance of 1920s pen design and for many years has been one of Conway Stewart’s most distinctive profiles.

This new Conway Stewart Dandy Carbon Black is a new addition to the Dandy range which, as far as we are aware, has never been issued before. Discreet in size, which adds greatly to its charm, the Dandy Carbon Black is sure to become a firm favourite with Conway Stewart collectors.

At first glance you might think this pen is solid black, but look closely and you’ll see it has slightly smokey silver flecks.

The Conway Stewart Dandy has long been a favourite of CS enthusiasts worldwide, and we expect the Conway Stewart Dandy Carbon Black to be snapped up quickly by eager collectors.

This Conway Stewart Dandy Carbon Black has been assembled from original CS components acquired by Bespoke British Pens in October 2014 when the manufacturing company went into administration. As such, you can be assured that these are genuine components, assembled and prepared with the care and attention you would expect from the Bespoke British team.

Please note we have limited numbers available and once they have been sold, that’s it!


    In addition to selecting the nib width; you may further customise your nib to match your writing style, choosing from:

    • Italic
    • Left Oblique
    • Right Oblique
    • Stub

    Our nib wright who is one of the UK’s most experienced will undertake the work to your exact specification at an extra cost of £40.00 (excluding tax if appropriate).

    Find out more about our customised nibs in FAQ

    Original 18ct gold Conway Stewart nibs available with the Conway Stewart Dandy Carbon Black.

    Although Conway Stewart nibs are no longer available for many of the models in our range, the slightly smaller size of the Dandy means we still have a good range of original Conway Stewart nibs to fit the Conway Stewart Dandy Carbon Black.

    The Conway Stewart Dandy Carbon Black has a dual filling system. It is fitted with a converter (reservoir) which allows the user to draw ink from a bottle or alternatively, you may remove the converter and use standard European ink cartridges. All our fountain pens come with 2 complimentary cartridges so you can start to use it immediately. If you prefer to use bottled ink, we recommend our own range of high quality ink, made in England and available in a range of colours.

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    Each Conway Stewart Dandy Carbon Black is housed in an original Conway Stewart black leather presentation box which doubles as an elegant desk display and comes complete with Certificate of Authenticity, Conway Stewart User Guide and a special anti-tarnish polishing cloth to keep your pen in sparkling condition.

    The smaller size and lighter weight of the Conway Stewart Dandy has long made it a favourite with many writers. Whether used with the cap posted or not, you’ll find the Dandy sits comfortably in your hand.

    Length Closed: 123mm

    Length Posted: 159mm

    Length of Barrel incl nib: 120mm

    Length of Cap: 59mm

    Diameter of Barrel: 12.2mm

    Diameter of Cap: 13.5mm

    Weight: 15gms