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Stylo Conway Stewart Vanwall

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£ 500.00
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Stylo Conway Stewart Vanwall

£ 500.00

The new Conway Stewart Vanwall Pen is to celebrate the famous Vanwall British Grand Prix Formula 1 racing team. Stirling Moss and Tony Brooks won many races in the iconic green cars with the distinctive yellow nose cones.  A young Colin Chapman, and Frank Costin designed their winning cars, and in 1958 the team won a perfect 48 points out of 48 points winning the World Constructors’ Championship Trophy. 

Many say Vanwall kick-started the British Formula 1 world as it is today, and is why 7 out of the top 10 current racing teams are based in Great Britain.

The story of Vanwall is one of vision, drive, energy, determination, engineering excellence, and brilliant drivers. The owner of Vanwall was a man called Tony Vandervell, and as the motoring press of the day said "He is a "Churchill" among British industrialists, ruthless, restless, often irascible, a great patriot, and a fine intuitive engineer"

The Conway Stewart Vanwall Pen has been engineered to the highest standards to celebrate the success of the Vanwall British Grand Prix Formula 1 racing team of 1958.

As you unscrew the cap of the Vanwall Pen, you will see a yellow nib holder band to reflect the heritage and winning streak of the Vanwall green cars with their distinctive yellow nose cones.

The Vanwall Pen is made from a beautiful marbled green acrylic resin which changes colour from dark green to black to iridescent olive green as the pen is turned in the light. The Vanwall logo is engraved on the barrel with “Made in Great Britain” that reflects the origin of the pen and the Vanwall racing cars.

This marbled green is an iconic colour used by Conway Stewart for decades and on the Vanwall Pen it is complemented with 9ct gold fittings – a narrow ring on the barrel end, and a wider cap band which has the edition number of the pen laser engraved into the gold. This wider gold cap band is stamped with the English Hall-marks showing the quality and purity of the material.

This is a Limited Edition pen, and only 270 pens will be made worldwide. Each comes in a large luxury green leather style box and includes a booklet on the fascinating history of Vanwall, a pen polishing cloth, a user manual, and a bottle of British Made green ink to rev up your Vanwall!.

The Conway Stewart Vanwall Pen holds true to the classic 1920s styling that made Conway Stewart famous, yet has a freshness that makes it a joy to hold and use. It has a slight taper to the barrel end and a gently rounded cap top and weighs in at a hefty 54 grams. It is a big pen, but a delight to write with as it is fitted with one of the acclaimed Conway Stewart 18ct gold nib, available in Extra Fine, Fine, Medium or Broad.

The blind end of the barrel unscrews to reveal a gold-plated knurled top of the twist filler which is used to fill the pen with ink  - a very lovely hidden feature, and one that makes this Vanwall Pen so very special.

Each pen is supplied with a certificate showing the edition number of the pen.

Find out more about the Vanwall Story at  www.vanwallgroup.com and on Instagram Vanwall_Official https://www.instagram.com/vanw...

In addition to selecting the nib width; you may further customise your nib to match your writing style, choosing from:

  • Italic
  • Left Oblique
  • Right Oblique
  • Stub

Our nib wright who is one of the UK’s most experienced will undertake the work to your exact specification

Find out more about our customised nibs in FAQ

You may select one of our Conway Stewart 18ct gold nibs to be fitted to your fountain pen. They have been acclaimed by many of our customers for their ‘smooth-as-butter’ writing experience. Each nib is embossed with the Conway Stewart emblem and available in Extra Fine, Fine, medium or Broad widths. 

The Conway Stewart Winston Vanwall is fitted with a Captive Converter, otherwise known as  a Twist-fill Converter which means the converter is permanently encased in the barrel and filled by means of a concealed knob at the end of the barrel. We recommend our own range of high quality ink bottled ink made in England and available in a range of colours.

This pen can also be ordered as a converter/cartridge version as a special by leaving a comment with your order.

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Length Closed: 142mm

Length Posted: 178mm

Length of Barrel incl nib: 137mm

Length of Cap: 66mm

Diameter of Barrel: 15mm

Diameter of Cap: 18mm

Weight: 54gms


Pens are handmade to order, so please allow up to 28 days for delivery.

We can expedite orders if they are needed for a specific date.

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