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Leather 2-pen case with Sterling Silver fittings | Conway Stewart

Leather 2-pen case with Sterling Silver fittings

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Leather 2-pen case with Sterling Silver fittings


Made in England

Made in England by one of the world's most prestigious luxury leather goods manufacturers to our design, this beautiful pen case has some clever design features. It can hold our largest pens - the Churchill* and the Winston, and our smallest pens the Series 58 and the Dandy. How? Because it has a tab which pulls the pen gently out of the pen case, like magic. Simple but very effective.

The magnetic clip, seals the pen case with a reassuring security, and the beautiful black soft calf's leather on the outside of the case is complemented with red suede inside .

Sterling Silver hallmarked corners 
The corners of the flap are protected with sterling silver edges which are stamped with English hallmarks as proof of their quality. The sterling silver and black calf leather with the stunning red suede interior make this probably the most luxurious pen case available today.

Embossed on the back with the "Made in England" and the Conway Stewart logo.

*Please note the Churchill Ballpoint is too long to fit into this pen case.

Length: 155mm

Width: 54mm

Depth: 33mm

The case is suitable to store pens that are up to 145mm long, and up to 26mm wide including the clip.

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