The Polly Gray Pen
The Polly Gray Pen
The Polly Gray Pen
The Polly Gray Pen
The Polly Gray Pen
The Polly Gray Pen
The Polly Gray Pen
The Polly Gray Pen
The Polly Gray Pen
The Polly Gray Pen
The Polly Gray Pen

The Polly Gray Pen

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The Polly Gray Pen


The third pen in the Peaky Blinders collection is dedicated to Polly Gray, the Aunt of Tommy and Arthur, and the matriarch of the Shelby family. She looked after her nephews when they were young, and managed the family business when they were fighting in WWI. A powerful and perceptive lady, Tommy seeks her advice and confides in her. Polly is a certified accountant, company treasurer of the Shelby family, and is definitely first among equals in a man’s world.

Always dressed to kill, this fountain pen would have suited her perfectly.
Based on the traditional Conway Stewart Churchill pen in Bordeaux and black. Fitted with 9ct gold rings and an 18ct gold CS nib, the Polly Gray Pen is engraved on the barrel with one of her famous quotes from the series:

"Brave is going where no man has gone before"

A specially designed cap emblem combining the Shelby saying ‘By Order of The Peaky Blinders’ and their link to horse racing is in the top of the cap. It is made from gold-plated sterling silver and in the centre of the emblem is the Conway Stewart CS logo.

Each pen is accompanied by a signed Certificate of Authenticity bearing a facsimile of Polly Gray’s signature and confirming its edition number which is also engraved on the end of the barrel.

The wide 9ct gold cap band is laser engraved with the Birmingham hallmarks; another link back to the Shelby Family home city.   

Limited to a worldwide edition of only 500

Each pen is presented in the Conway Stewart presentation pen box which can also double as a pen stand. Available as a fountain pen or a rollerball.

In addition to selecting the nib width; you may further customise your nib to match your writing style, choosing from:

  • Italic
  • Left Oblique
  • Right Oblique
  • Stub

Our nib wright who is one of the UK’s most experienced will undertake the work to your exact specification

Find out more about our customised nibs in FAQ

You may select one of our Conway Stewart 18ct gold nibs to be fitted to your fountain pen. They have been acclaimed by many of our customers for their ‘smooth-as-butter’ writing experience. Each nib is embossed with the Conway Stewart emblem.

This pen has a dual filling system. It is fitted with a converter (reservoir) which allows the user to draw ink from a bottle or alternatively, you may remove the converter and use standard European ink cartridges. All our fountain pens come with 2 complimentary cartridges so you can start to use it immediately. If you prefer to use bottled ink, we recommend our own range of high quality ink, made in England and available in a range of colours.

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Length Closed: 146mm

Length Posted: 181mm

Length of Barrel incl nib: 138mm

Length of Cap: 70mm

Diameter of Barrel: 15mm

Diameter of Cap: 17.5mm

Weight: 35gms


Delivery, Taxes & Customs

Pens are handmade to order, so please allow up to 28 days for delivery.

We can expedite orders if they are needed for a specific date.